Data collection

TripRemember collects data from your phone to provide you with a summary of where you went and what you did. TripRemember generates a unique identifier for your phone and periodically stores the location and the motion of your phone using the Location and Acceleration sensors. Users can use the application anonymously or can personalize their TripRemember by entering a name and last name as well as an email.

Our service collects data only once you clicked “start” at the end of our tutorial or from the profile page. At any point of time you can stop a TripRemember and the application will stop collecting data. Later you can resume a TripRemember and the application with start collecting data again.

Data storage

Your trip data is stored both locally on your phone and on our servers. The data is synchronized periodically. There is one exception to this, we only transfer photos added from other apps when and if you decide to share a TripRemember, until then photos are only present on your phone and stay completely private. In general we only transfer data to our back-end if it's useful to the current use of the application.

Data usage

We may look at aggregate trip details over many of our users to impTripRemember our algorithms, measure how people use our app, and publish summaries of app use, and to develop new features. We will always carefully define these aggregate views so no user can be identified. We want users to be able to use the app with complete anonymity and we do our best to protect your data.

We won’t display or disclose any information where an individual user can be recognized unless this user explicitly decides to share its TripRemember. Our development team may from time to time look at specific trip data at the individual level to impTripRemember our service, but they will only see the unique identifier tied to the data, and no name information. (This helps keep your name anonymous, relative to your data).

Data sharing

We do not disclose an individual user’s data to third parties unless you explicitly give us consent to do so, or we are obliged to comply with a legal obligation, or if our business, assets, or any part of them are acquired by a third party. Third parties will be bound by all applicable data protection legislation, and this privacy policy regarding your data.

We do not disclose an individual user’s data to third parties unless (1) you have given explicit consent to each such disclosure, (2) we are required to comply with a legal obligation or (3) if our business or assets, or parts of them, are acquired by a third party. Third parties will be bound by applicable data protection legislation and/or this privacy policy concerning the disclosed data.

Data retention

We keep your data indefinitely on our servers however, at any time you can email us at and we will delete all your data with no question asked.

Racim KEBBAL, Founder & CEO
TripRemember. email:
Paris, France