Q & A

What is TripRemember?

TripRemember is an automated private journal/diary that helps remember your best memories. Ideal if you're too busy or lazy to do it yourself.

What is automated in TripRemember?

Almost everything. TripRemember automatically remembers your activity, the places you visited, the music you listen to (on iTunes only), the photos you take and more.

Is my data private?

Yes, your data is 100% private. If you chose to, you can share a day or a trip on Facebook, Instagram or privately. Your friends will see --- this --- . No signup is required. You can also use TripRemember anonymously. Photos from third party apps stay on your phone unless you try to share them.

Can I add photos to my diary?

TripRemember adds photos automatically from your local photo stream... You can easily curate them from the app. All photos stay 100% private unless you try to share them. On the IOS app you can turn photo import off from the settings.

Why did it detect the wrong place or activity?

Activity and place guesses are approximate due to the low precision of GPS measurements indoor. You can easily correct them in 2 taps. TripRemember will remember your corrections and use your input to better guess next time. On the IOS app you can also set a default transport type from the settings page.

Is my data backed-up?

Back-ups are free but you need to verify your email to enable them. If you delete the app or loose your phone you can restore your data using the email you verified. Check your spam folder if you can't find your verification email in your inbox.

Can I add personal note?

Yes, you can add notes to you automated diary.

Can I delete a place or an activity

Yes, you can remove places, activities or photos

Can I share a day or a trip?

Yes, you can share a day or more via Facebook, Instagram or privately, this is what your friends will see :

timeline or embeddable map

Racim KEBBAL, Founder & CEO
TripRemember email: racim@tripremember.com
Paris, France